The Importance of Same-Day Couriers for Medical Deliveries

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If you own or run a pharmacy, hospital or a medical company, you will most likely be regularly ordering medical equipment and supplies, and even donor organs at times. It is imperative that your equipment, donor organs, medications and other emergency supplies reach you quickly and efficiently.

It is, therefore, important that you hire the services of a fast and experienced courier company, who has the expertise to handle medical deliveries. At Eurotrans Express, we have the resources and means to offer you same-day medical deliveries. Here are some benefits of using same-day couriers for medical deliveries:

Speed of Delivery

A same-day courier is quick and ensures prompt delivery. This helps preserve the integrity of the supplies and if there is a patient in urgent need of the supplies, we will ensure that the supplies reach the patient on the day of dispatch itself. We have the ability to collect and deliver through the UK and Ireland on a same-day basis. In addition, we offer door-to-door courier services across Europe, and execute delivery requests within 24 hours.

Refrigerated Transportation

A professional same-day courier usually has temperature-controlled vehicles that can provide chilled transport solutions, in order to maintain medical supplies and prevent deterioration. This mode of transportation is vital for emergency medications and organs that require refrigeration. Eurotrans Express has its own fleet of refrigerated vehicles that can preserve supplies until they reach their destination.

Fully-equipped Vehicles

To ensure same-day medical deliveries, it is important that the courier vehicles are equipped with the latest satellite navigation and communication equipment. This would, as a result, help the courier company keep track of deliveries and also have the clients informed. Eurotrans Express has installed state-of-the-art navigation and communication systems in its vehicles, which aids seamless tracking of deliveries and keeping the customer informed at all stages. The customer will also be informed as soon as the delivery reaches its intended destination.

If you are looking for prompt and efficient medical delivery, look no further than Eurotrans Express. Apart from the features and benefits of working with us mentioned above, our rates are also quite affordable, and the service we provide is both professional and friendly. Contact us today so that we can ensure fast, hassle-free and prompt medical delivery of your supplies across the United Kingdom, Ireland and Europe.


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